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Welcome to Emblem Collective! 

We believe everything you wear should be a unique representation of you. This is why we offer a curated collection of pre-owned clothing and renewed clothing, which are handmade from recycled textiles.

Renewed Clothing 

We love to find old things and give them a new life! This is why we offer a collection of clothing and accessories all made from recycled textiles. Each piece is unique and completely one of a kind. These wearable art pieces are all handmade in Iowa. 

Pre-Owned Clothing

Let us do the heavy thrifting for you! We love to thrift so we offer a curated selection of quality pre-owned clothing. When sourcing our pre-owned products we carefully review the quality, material and style of each piece. We love finding quality basics made from natural materials (wool, cotton, silk, etc.). And we are also always on the hunt for unique, statement pieces.