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Nautical Beach Tote Bag (Tan and Blue Lining)

Nautical Beach Tote Bag (Tan and Blue Lining)

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Ahoy there, looks like you've found your new staple accessory! This nautical tote bag is made from an upcycled quilt and features four exterior pockets. Let this be the perfect companion for those summer adventures, or your go-to accessory on a day at the beach. 

We've made five totes from this quilt and all of them are slightly differently. This tote features fish, a seahorse, coral, starfish, and shells. Due to our dedication to using secondhand fabrics, each tote has different lining. The large lining is tan and the exterior side pockets are lined with blue ditsy floral fabric. 

Measurements (Not Including Handles): 

Width: 19"

Height: 16"

Due to this being a handmade item from recycled textiles there may be slight imperfections. 

We are not accepting returns on this item. It is final sale. 

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